GXB1-125 Tuya app Smart WiFi intelligent Miniature Circuit Breaker

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Smart WiFi mcb work in Wi-Fi 2.4GHZ B/G/N, Tuya app control, AC230/400V system, rated current 10A to 100A, Our smart wifi miniature circuit breaker also compatible with Smart Life App and Tuya App and it’s popular use in Modern Smart Home System. It can Remote Control ON & OFF, Third party Voice Control such as Alexa/ Google Home/IFTTT/DuerOS/Rokid, Timer and Schedule Switching, Share the mcb operation to family, and miniature circuit breaker’s Over Load Protection, short circuit protection and control isolation.

  • Model number: GXB3-125
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    GXB1-125 Smart WiFi Miniature Circuit Breaker use for AC230V(1P 2P)/AC400V(3P 4P), frequency 50Hz and rated current 10A to 100A. It has remote control function, Timing switch and the Miniature circuit breaker’s overload protection, short circuit protection, control isolation and other functions.


    • Wireless Standard: Wi-Fi 2.4GHZ B/G/N, not support 5G
    • App: Tuya / Smart Life
    • Support: Alexa/ Google Home/IFTTT/DuerOS/Rokid
    • Curve C: Magnetic trip range 5-10 times rated current.
    • Quality: Silver alloy contacts, flame retardant material shell, relay switch, color indicator.
    • Function: Used to protect 230V 400V AC circuit from overload and short circuit damage, and can also be used for control and isolation.
    • Voice Control: The smart wifi mcb works with Alexa and Google Home, you can say ”Alexa, turn on the light” when your hands are full after shopping, let your hands free.
    • Timer and Schedule: Set a timer for your devices to automatically turn on/off at a specific time. Set a timer for kid room light at night to help kids develop the habit of going to bed on time.
    • APP Remote Control: You can remotely control the home lights or fan etc from anywhere via your phone app, very convenient and safe.
    • Group Control & Easy to Use: You can add multiple devices in a group, it is convenient for you to manage and control them at the same time. No need to control one by one. Download the APP and set 2.4G wifi network, pair with smart mcb via APP automatic paring or Add Manually mode.

    We offer a 18-month warranty and 24-hour friendly customer service to ensure worry-free order.

    • Application: Can be used in ac systems, home circuits, or other 50Hz AC systems.


    Manufacturer Guangxi Precision
    Part number GXB1-125
    Rated voltage AC230V(1P 2P)
    AC400V(3P 4P)
    Rated current 10A 16A 20A 25A 32A 40A 50A 63A 80A 100A
    Frequency 50Hz
    Instantaneous tripping curve C
    Rated short-circuit breaking capacity(Ics) 6kA
    Mechanical life 10000times
    Electrical life 6000times
    Protection level IP20
    Specified use temperature +25℃ ~ +65℃
    Maximum wiring capacity 50mm²
    Tightening torque 4-5Nm
    Installation Screw clamp wires, 35mm DIN rail mount



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